I remember going to Rugby Park with my Dad as a boy. Kilmarnock was our team and I can still smell the pies and remember all the sweets on sale at the ground. I used to lie on the top of the old dugout and watch the games, I was probably 6 or 7 years old.

My Dad, Frank was a fan of the great Killie team that won the league in 1965 and contained Frank Beattie, Jake McInally and Campbell Forsyth, to name but a few. My favourites were from the late 70’s McCulloch, Robertson, McLean, McDicken, Clark and Burke.

The fact that I got to play for Killie was a dream come true and made my Dad very proud. He would call me Saturday night or Sunday morning after a game and try and be objective about my performance. If he said “What was up with you yesterday?” I knew he thought I had a poor game!

My father has passed away, but those days were very special.

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