“I had just signed for Hamilton after 2 good years up at Inverness. Going back to play against your old club can sometimes be difficult and, to be honest, I didn’t expect a good reception from the home support because that is the joy of football and the banter that goes with it.

As I was warming up, my teammate Derek Lyle said to me, he had a feeling I was going to score tonight. “If you get a chance from anywhere, just hit it.” Those words stuck in my head.

As luck would have it, in the very first minute of the game, I picked the ball up in the Inverness half and hit a screamer of a shot from the left hand side of the pitch diagonally towards goal. The stadium fell silent as the ball left my foot and the only noise you heard after it sailed past my old teammate Ryan Esson into the roof of the net was the cheers from a small band of Accies fans who had made the journey north.

My good friend Johnny Hayes said to me after the game, “You will never score another one like that again.” He’s probably right, but it also proved to be the only goal of the game. A screamer and a winner to remember when I am an old man.”

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