It’s Saturday April 9th at 5.30am.

My wife Carolyn had gone into labour on the Friday and I had called my manager at the time, Gary Bolan, to let him know I might miss Livingston’s away game at Stenhousemuir.

My wife said to me to go and play in the game and, despite a lack of sleep, I was keen to get the boots on that Saturday afternoon.

Little did I know that this was the day we would clinch the league title, as Brechin lost to East Fife and victory for us secured the championship.

We won 3-0 and the party was about to start but, I had more important matters. As the boys headed out for the mother of all parties, I headed back to the hospital to the Mother of my child.

Winning a league medal was great but, it didn’t match witnessing the birth of our first child Alfie at 5.30am on the Saturday morning, long before the game kicked off.

I went back to training on the Monday but there was still no sign of my teammates!

When they all eventually surfaced on the Tuesday, I could tell it was a party to remember but, I wouldn’t have changed positions with any of them.

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