It’s the Scottish League Cup Final Aberdeen v Inverness Caledonian Thistle. It’s probably the worst final of all time with the game tied at 0-0.

The longer it goes on, the more I am dreading the thought of making a mistake. Aaron Doran has a free kick and I am thinking please don’t stick this in the top corner. He did, fortunately it was the top corner of the stand and we were heading for penalties.

I ran into the toilet with memories of my journey back from a brain haemorrhage and three seizures to now attempting to save a penalty to help the Dons win the cup.

In the toilet, our kit man Jim Warrender came in and said to me, “Jamie, you are going to do it.”

I walked out, stared at Billy McKay and said to myself, I’ve got you. I knew I would save his penalty and I did. I dived low to my right to turn it away. Next up Greg Tansey, he always goes high and to my right. I will go early to force him to go higher and he did, way over the bar!

Before Adam Rooney took the deciding penalty I said to him, go straight down the middle because Dean Brill always goes early to a corner and so it proved to be. Aberdeen had won the cup.

I collapsed, cried like a baby and thought of my wife and kids and what a special day this was after what I had been through.

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