My Father-in-law, Jim was a big Celtic fan and loved telling me about walking up to Celtic park on match-day as a boy.

The week before I was due to play for Dundee against Celtic, Jim was told he had cancer and had weeks to live.

The news was devastating. I was very close to him and this would be an emotional day, knowing he would be coming to watch his son-in-law play against his favourite team for the very last time.

My family and my wife, Natalie’s family all walked up to Celtic park with Jim on the Saturday to recreate the days he would walk up to the ground as a boy from the Gallowgate.

Jim’s favourite team won the match 2-0 but, it didn’t matter. I was so proud of the fact he could watch his son-in-law play at Celtic park.

Sadly, Jim passed away a couple of weeks later but, I will always remember him and that special day.

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