My biggest inspiration in football was a guy called Eddie Hunter, who at that time was the manager of Queen’s Park football club.

On a Tuesday night, we used to run from the ‘Rangers end’ at Hampden park up every stair right round the stadium to the ‘Celtic end’, before finishing off with a lap of the track in 90 seconds.

I was a fifteen year old boy, just left school to join the club and this was tough. I could feel my lunch coming up at the end but, before I could even contemplate being sick, Eddie was on my case telling me my career would be over if I stopped.

I wanted to throw up but, I was determined not to give up and stop. I wouldn’t let him break me.

Three years later, I joined Sheffield Wednesday under Howard Wilkinson. The first day of pre-season was a 26-mile run and I thought back to the Eddie Hunter days that had shaped my mentality not to give up.

Both these managers placed a high priority on fitness. I look back on my career and feel their attitude to fitness allowed me to play professional football until I was thirty-eight and for that, I am grateful to both men.

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