Having worked in the media and in football clubs as a Chief executive, you get the chance to meet many special people, some famous, some who just love football and their club.

At boardrooms up and down the country, there are no shortage of very famous people walking in the door and without sounding blasé, you meet and greet one and all the same without being in awe of most of them.

That was until Joe Jordan walked in the door one day.

Joe’s arrival sparked a moment and a flood of wonderful memories.

Many people in the Football Family have picked a game, I have picked a man that reminded me of countless occasions watching Scotland with my Dad and brother.

Fortunately, Joe had his teeth in when he entered the boardroom, he didn’t look as frightening as he must have done to defenders up and down the country, when he was heading the ball into the back of the net.

Joe played for the national side at a time when we always seemed to qualify for major tournaments and his image takes me back to great days with my family cheering on Scotland.

Did I go up and speak to him and tell him how special he was in my childhood watching football?


I don’t know why, it was an opportunity missed.

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