Tynecastle is bouncing, the atmosphere is electric and I’m on the bench bricking myself, incase the gaffer Gordon Strachan decides to bring me on for my debut in front of a hostile crowd.

Shaun Maloney kept saying to me, “He’s gonna put you on, he’s looking towards you, this is it, you’ll be going on.”

The more he said it, the more nervous I was getting. Even when we went to warm up as the subs, we were getting pelters from the Hearts fans.

Jan Venegoor of Hesselink had given us the lead after 60 seconds but, Hearts had equalised through Bruno Aguiar.

We were short on midfielders and I’m thinking, I’m twenty-one, I should be taking this in my stride if I am brought on.

I didn’t get on. After the game, I’m saying to the boys, “I can’t believe he never put me on!” I was I glad he didn’t.

I chapped Strachan’s door on the Monday to complain that he didn’t put me on. No, I didn’t, he would have kicked me up and down Celtic park but it would have made a better story if I had!

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