I am playing under Ian Holloway at Blackpool, one of the most charismatic managers I have ever worked for. I can remember him with a cone on his head after we made it to the play-off final back in 2010, he was a special person.

However, one day sticks in mind that typified the gaffer.

The Blackpool training ground in those days was a few porta-cabins to get changed in and Ian popped his head out and said “Na, not today lads, too windy.” Ian decided to take us down to this big lake his mate owned.

We are all there playing crazy golf and we have cones with flakes in them. He’s now set us all up for this photo, but he is nowhere to be seen and then all of a sudden we hear him shouting. He’s going across the lake driving a speedboat on his own with this flag above his head.

Every day was an adventure. One day we went down to the pleasure beach for a fry up and everyone was looking at us in our Blackpool training gear eating rolls ‘n’ sausage. He was mental, but we played our hearts out for him because he was just a great man.

He had a touch of Brian Clough about him. He was spontaneous and you never knew what was coming next.

There was a few Scots boys in the team, Charlie Adam and Stephen Crainey and I am sure they have the same view. Ian didn’t care if the opposition scored three, he believed we would score four.

In the play-off final that year, Cardiff City scored two, we scored three, exactly as the manager had planned it!

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