It’s 2002 Hampden Park, the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. My two brothers John and Paul are with me at the game and we are so excited about the match.

This was a Madrid side that contained Raul, Roberto Carlos, Zidane, Steven McManaman, Claude Makélélé and Luis Figo, all right here in Glasgow.

Since I am the oldest and Dad’s seat is not next to ours, I have to make sure my other two family members are safe, but my youngest brother John keeps busting my head that he’s hungry and wants a pie.

I told both of them to stay in their seats as I set off to get John something to eat. As luck would have it, I go to the pie stall and miss Zinedine Zidane’s wonder goal that wins the cup for Real Madrid.

On my return, I am raging as I hand the pie over to John. I wanted to kill him!

You would think after a while we could laugh about it, but not a chance.

Every time I see that goal I think of John or look him straight in the eye and think of that pie.

I’m still raging!

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