The Parc de Prince September 2007 France v Scotland. I have never been on the end of a bigger pumping in my life. It was wave after wave of French attacks.

This was a French side that a year earlier had reached the World cup final.

Diarra, Thuram, Abidal, Benzima, Ribery, Viera, Makelelé, Trezeguet and Anelka all starting!

They were angry too, after we had stolen a 1-0 win at Hampden earlier in the campaign. Thierry Henry uttered the classic line, “We will see you in Paris.”

We were defending as if our lives depended on it. I was throwing myself in front of shots. Paul Hartley, David Weir, Scott Brown, Barry Ferguson and Lee McCulloch were chasing the ball prepared to die for the jersey.

The ‘Tartan Army’ were cheering us on but, we were on the back foot, defending, defending and defending.

Then, as if in slow motion, Craig Gordon launched the ball into the French half. I was right behind James McFadden as he dragged the ball out of the air from 35 yards out.

Faddy, one touch to control, one touch to set and bang!

This ball left his boot like an exocet missile but it was as if time was standing still now.

A silence, a roar, goal, he’s scored!

My God, now we’ve really made them angry.

From the 64th minute until the end we kept them out to win 1-0. What a night for the boys. At the end of the game, David Weir asked everyone of us if we would sign his jersey.

It was a strange thing for David to do, but he told us this was a night never to forget and he wanted to look back at the names and the jersey with pride.

A great idea.

I look back and wish I had done the same.

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