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Ange Postecoglou’s name has been linked with as many jobs as banked Celtic league points this season.

No sooner had Brendan Rodgers packed up his desk and headed out of Leicester than Postecoglou was quoted on the shortlist, following on from recent speculation about the Leeds job.

The inevitability is that it is a pattern which will continue throughout the summer with further vacancies expected.

In reality, without making an impact on the European scene it is difficult for any manager plying his trade in Scotland to work up too much credit in the eyes of southern suitors.

The rights and wrongs of that are an argument for another day but while Postecoglou’s handywork has been notable on a Scottish stage, there is sense from the Greek-Australian that there remains work to be done in Glasgow.

One more crack at the Champions League could well carry a significant allure, although the reality of a hard and fast job offer is always different to any loose gossip.

Certainly, though, there has been nothing in Postecoglou’s tone across recent months that has offered anything other than an indication that he is in it for the long haul.

Whether that resolve is tested across the summer remains to be seen.