David Gold confronted by West Ham fans after Swansea defeat

West Ham fans told co-owner David Gold to leave the club in an angry confrontation, which was videoed and has since gone viral on social media.

Gold stopped his car to speak with travelling fans outside the Liberty Stadium after the Hammers’ 4-1 defeat to Swansea and tensions threatened to boil over following the club’s latest setback.

A video of the exchange has gone viral after circulating on social media and showed Gold stood next to his Rolls Royce asking furious supporters to calm down.

David Gold confronted by West Ham fans after Swansea defeat PLZ Soccer
David Gold was told to leave the club after confronting angry supporters in Swansea (Steve Paston/PA)

“I’m 82 years old,” Gold said and after getting out of his car he added: “You don’t understand. I’m hurting as much as you. I know it’s terrible.”

But furious fans hurled abuse at the veteran co-chairman, who said he had left the game early for “security reasons”, and urged him to leave the club.

Gold and fellow co-chairman David Sullivan have come under increasing criticism this season from fans, who have accused the joint-owners of breaking promises but some fans leapt to the defence of Gold after the confrontation.

The Hammers’ defeat to Swansea was their third in four Premier League matches and has left them three points above the relegation zone in 14th place.

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