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Everton chairman Bill Kenwright has dismissed concerns his health is affecting the way the club is run.

Earlier this week a statement released by the ‘All Together Now’ campaign, who are calling for wholesale changes at the top of the club, suggested Kenwright’s health issues were “hampering his role”.

However, in a rare response to the ongoing disruption surrounding Everton the chairman, who has not attended a home match since mid-January due to security issues relating to the whole board, has rejected those claims.

“You may well know that in April 2015, I was advised I had a chronic illness that would probably be with me for the duration,” he wrote.

“This is, pretty inevitably, only the start of a journey where the issues usually increase. And they have.

“What you may also know is that most people find a spirit that will not give in and hopefully not be beaten.

“Sometimes it’s not easy but there are many worse off than me.”

In addressing other issues raised by the statement Kenwright added: “The chairman does not run the football club. We have a chief executive officer who does that, as is true with most clubs.”

On potential American investment in the club he said: “Right now, that could be half right, a quarter right – but that has been the situation for some time now.

“Those of you that know about raising hundreds of millions in investment will tell you it’s a relentless journey where hopes are built and squashed in a heartbeat.

“But it’s a quest that we undertake relentlessly and we will succeed.”