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Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers maintains he “won’t be begging for a player to stay” as conversations regarding James Maddison’s contract continue.

Maddison is entering the final season and a half of his deal with Leicester and there has been plenty of discussion about whether he will move away from the King Power Stadium.

The 26-year-old has been in fine form for the Foxes, scoring nine goals in total this season including two in their last two games, and Rodgers issued an update on his contract talks.

“It’s a conversation we’ve been having with James’ representatives for a while so there’s no change in that, not that I’m aware of,” he told a press conference.

“For me, it’s about making sure that, despite whatever the situation is, that James is playing at the best level he can be.

“Thankfully as a player he’s got experience now, he’s very focused on purely doing his best for us and staying available and fit.

“He’s a top player in the league and he’s shown that in his time here, gradually from when he’s come in to the position he’s in now, you can see that development take place.

“I think that’s the type of club we are – we’ll develop players, we’ll improve players, we can give them great conditions to work in – but I won’t be begging for a player to stay.

“This is a great club, there’s great support here on the pitch, off the pitch and if you’ve been here a while you understand what the club is all about and where it wants to go.

“But a player’s career is short, they always have to think of the future, but as long as that concentration and focus is here whilst they are here then that’s all I ever ask.

“Of course I’ll speak openly with players and regularly with them, so I understand what they’re thinking and then we just progress from there.”

Rodgers will be hoping for another top performance from Maddison when Leicester face Manchester United on Sunday.

The Foxes have won their last two games in style, beating Aston Villa 4-2 and Tottenham 4-1, and Rodgers is looking forward to the contest at Old Trafford.

“Always a great arena to go and play, I’ve won there, I’ve lost there,” he said.

“So it’s a great place to go and play, you know to get a result you’ve got to be strong, you’ve got to defend well, be aggressive and it’s a great big pitch to go and play football on.

“Once we do the dirty work then we aim to showcase the qualities going forward and look to be aggressive in the game.”