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Nottingham Forest head coach Steve Cooper hopes to be able to end a “unique transfer window” with a couple more signings on deadline day.

Forest have brought in 18 summer arrivals to bolster Cooper’s squad following a return to the Premier League.

Defender Willy Boly is expected to complete a switch from Wolves ahead of Thursday’s 11pm deadline.

“I think so (there will be new signings) and I hope so,” Cooper said.

“There is nothing at this moment to say in terms of confirmation.

“Things are going on and it can be a little bit of a scramble on deadline day, not just for us, for any club, but we are certainly trying to do a few things.

“Some might come off, none of it might come off, so we will wait and see, but we are trying that is for sure.”

Forest host Bournemouth on Saturday looking to regroup following successive defeats – having lost 6-0 at Manchester City on Wednesday evening when Erling Haaland struck a second successive Premier League hat-trick.

Cooper, though, maintains any more new arrivals would be part of summer planning, rather than a reaction to recent results.

“If it is, it is only going to be a couple (of signings),” he told a press conference.

“A lot has been quite rightly said about the amount of signings we have made already.

“It has been a unique transfer window for sure, I understand and accept that.

“But we would still like to do a couple more things, which are not from a reaction from the last couple of games or whatever, it is something we have been trying to do for a little while now.

“It is just obviously they can take a little bit longer than you would hope, but it is certainly nothing that has just popped up in the last day or so, it is something which has been ongoing a little while now.”