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The Football Association has appealed against the decision to only fine Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp for confronting the referee in his side’s match against Manchester City last month.

The German escaped a touchline ban but was fined £30,000 by an independent regulatory commission on October 27 over his conduct towards Anthony Taylor during the game on October 16.

The FA has now reviewed the commission’s written reasons and is understood to feel the sanction imposed was too lenient.

The governing body launched a new ‘Enough Is Enough’ campaign in September aimed at stamping out abuse of all kinds at all levels of the game.

It is understood the FA feels elite-level managers have an example to set to the grassroots game in terms of what is acceptable behaviour.

Asked the day after the fine whether he felt it was a fair punishment, Klopp responded: “Should I have got a ban? I don’t know.

“I never was in the situation, I never had a red card, I didn’t ever have a yellow card as far as I know.

Jurgen Klopp confronts the assistant referee during Liverpool's win over Manchester City
Jurgen Klopp confronts the assistant referee during Liverpool’s win over Manchester City (Peter Byrne/PA)

“I’m the wrong person that you should ask. I have no idea about what the usual things are. I had a touchline ban years ago in the Champions League with (Borussia) Dortmund, very similar situation, but obviously the Champions League is slightly different.

“I know what I said, and I know that saying that, but from a further distance and with a different face, it would have been completely fine. I said ‘how can you not, how can you not?’

“I think the most expensive face, I’m not sure in the world, but at least here. I think it’s a lot of money but I heard it will be invested for something good, and that’s fine.”