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Brendan Rodgers has dismissed any early-season pressure at struggling Leicester.

The Foxes are winless and second bottom in the Premier League ahead of Saturday’s trip to Chelsea.

They go to Stamford Bridge with the Blues having had three bids rejected, the latest worth £70million, for Foxes defender Wesley Fofana.

It adds to the issues at the King Power Stadium but Rodgers remains calm.

“I’m feeling the want to get the result. I’m not feeling the pressure, it’s a pressurised job,” he said.

“I look back over my time here, over three-and-a-half years, and we’ve spent on net about £25million per season and that’s got us to where we’ve got to in terms of challenging at the top end of the table, winning a couple of trophies and getting to a European semi-final.

“What I hope as a manager is to continue with that ambition. If I’m unable to do that and the club decide it needs to go in a different direction, that’s the way it is. That’s football and that’s management. I don’t lose sleep over it.

“My energy is with the players and the people here. I’m in here early in the morning until late at night, trying to find solutions and the best way forward.

“For a lot of the time, we have managed to do that well for a club of this size. But I think what’s definitely happened is that the expectation is not aligned with our finances in terms of where we should be competing.

“It doesn’t make us any less ambitious. For me, it’s a continuation of that, we’re always fighting. I’m experienced now to know that if you don’t get the results, you can come under pressure.

“That’s normal. I will continue to push and fight to get the best results we can.”

The Foxes have lost a 2-0 lead to draw 2-2 with Brentford and threw away a second-half advantage to lose 2-1 to Southampton last week.

They squeezed past League Two Stockport on penalties in the Carabao Cup on Tuesday, with fans taunting the manager about his job security, and Rodgers recognises their concerns.

“I understand it’s a real frustrating time. I understand the position we’re in, so I can only imagine for the supporters that the club feels like a ball of frustration at the moment,” he said.

“If there’s anyone to take it out on, it’s normally the manager. I respect that. I’m responsible for results and performances and if they’re not right, the responsibility is mine.

“If that leads to supporters to say that, that’s unfortunate, but it’s how they feel and they have every right to express how they feel.”