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Nottingham Forest boss Steve Cooper switches off from the stress of the Premier League relegation battle by going running along the River Trent.

Forest are embroiled in a fight to retain their top-flight status in their first season back after 23 years away, with Monday’s clash against Southampton likely to be decisive in their bid to beat the drop.

Cooper has had plenty thrown at him this term, with concerns over keeping his job, a lengthy injury list and having to integrate 30 new signings into his squad, but the phone-free jogs along the river have been helpful.

“The thing I like to do is a lot of running,” he said.

“I enjoy it. I don’t take my phone with me. I’m not a big user of my phone anyway. The two places I definitely don’t have it are out on the training pitch and if I want to go for a run.

“It’s something where you can take your mind to where you want it to be and I’m sure there’s quite a few people who do the same.

“I make a lot of decisions when I’m out running. I think about a lot of things. It’s even good when you feel frustrated or stress.

“Whatever I’m feeling before a run, I feel better for it afterwards.

“I run along the river a lot. It’s lovely along there, especially when you’re running towards the City Ground.”