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Nick Montgomery took his place in the Hibs dugout for the first time this weekend at Rugby Park, watching his side make a dream start before fumbling a two goal lead to leave Ayrshire with a point.

The former Central Coast Mariners boss said after wards that losing a goal from a set piece would ‘annoy him for a little while’ but admitted there were positives to take from his maiden fixture.

PLZ Soccer spoke exclusively to AussieScout to get the lowdown on the new man and what Hibees can expect going forward.

What can Hibs fans expect?
They can expect a pragmatic but positive style of play. A desire to integrate and invest faith in youth. Teams with a good collective spirit whilst having forthright and honest communication with fans. A care for the club.


He has already made mention of his desire to use the academy, how much importance does he place on youth? 
At the Mariners Montgomery had no choice but to play youth because the club has a tiny budget, by far the smallest in the league, and relied on youth and selling players on to survive.

He took charge of the Mariners’ academy senior team after he retired and was involved in the recruitment of many talented young players – including Alou and Garang Kuol – who have since been sold to VfB Stuttgart and Newcastle United. 

He clearly values youth and his starting elevens often featured more than 6 Australian U23 players.

Montgomery seemed to get the best out of Jason Cummings who proved to be a character here in Scotland, is he known for his man management?

Yes, players seem to enjoy playing for him. He got the best out of Jason Cummings who obviously had trouble off-the-field in Scotland and England. 
How high can he go? Could we see a similar trajectory to Ange Postecoglou? 

It’s hard to say. He’s a talented manager and was brilliant at the Mariners. You don’t want to put limits on anyone.