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Jota has posted an emotional goodbye to Celtic fans, in which he proclaims his love for the supporters and his time in Glasgow.

The Portuguese winger left Celtic Park to Join Saudi Pro League side Al-Ittihad for a reported £25 million earlier this month and has taken to Instagram to share a farewell with his previous club.

He said: “No words will ever express how grateful I am for this ride. And let me tell you something, what a f****** ride. I’ve stepped in to Paradise as a young lad with dreams to fulfil and a single goal, to find happiness doing what I love most.”

“I was scared, I had doubts, and I didn’t know what to expect from something that in the end turned out to be one of the most beautiful stories ever. People often ask me, what’s so special about Celtic? I feel like there’s no straight answer. There’s no fair answer for that. The answer lies in such a deep feeling, a sense, an emotion.”

“There’s a mystical fog flowing around Celtic Park that induces you to this sense of football edge. This football heritage gave us unforgettable moments. You can’t just explain it, you need to feel it, to respect it. I’m such a lucky man to have lived two years of full excitement and getting to evolve as a football player and a person.”

“To the players, to the staff, and for all of the involved departments, a big thank you for me. You guys make me better. And to the fans, and I always say this, you guys found a way of loving me more than my previous girlfriends. And I guarantee you that we were crazy in love. For what it matters, I have loved you more than them so believe me, I will love you for life.”

“I’ve recently learned that happiness is not found at the finishing line. It lies in the path. I’m grateful for every rain drop in Glasgow and wow those were long. Every bit of Glaswegian banter and so it goes on. So many stories, things to remember.”

“Celtic will always have a special place in my heart and one day my biggest dream will be to sit down with my kids and tell them about how magical and special this place is. Life is all about stories and this one was just unbelievable. Today I become another fan, the ones that live and make the club. Forever yours.”