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Leon Balogun has revealed that he thought his agent was joking when he told him that a return to Rangers could be on the cards.

The 35-year-old has joined up with manager Michael Beale again after leaving Queen’s Park Rangers and described how his agent decided to ‘wind up’ the defender as he broke the news:

“I actually didn’t even expect it, it was just one evening my agent text me” Balogun said. 

“It was quite funny, he lined it up a bit like would you consider going somewhere else?’ and I was like ‘well, where? What’s the deal?’ and he said ‘yeah I’m not sure it’s a bit of a smaller club’ and I was like ‘woah, how small? What are we talking about?’ My gut feeling told me, because we have a really good relationship, maybe he’s trying to wind me up and he was like ‘ah, only the wee Glasgow Rangers I said ‘no, this is not real. You are joking”

“Because it was quite late I said I’m tired, age is catching up, my eyes are falling down, can’t keep them up. I need to sleep a night on this and if it’s still there then I can believe you’ and as I put my phone down the message still came through and it just said ‘it’s real’ and I struggled to fall asleep that night a little bit but then the next morning we talked about it and then I think it happened in a matter of two, three days really.”