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Manchester United season ticket holders can opt out Europa League tickets

André ZahnAndré Zahn (User:Nic/de:Benutzer:Nic) | CC BY-SA 2.0 de

Manchester United have completed the signing of Swizz international youngster Nishan Burkart from FC Zurich, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The youngster confirmed the transfer and when asked why he choose to join United he said,

“Pure gut feeling – the other clubs were also very interested.

“I visited each club and analysed its infrastructure while there. I always knew: If I were going to move to a club abroad, then it could only be to England, my mother’s home country.”

Burkart continued,

“I’m taking a relaxed approach to it all,” he added. “If it doesn’t work out with Manchester United, the excellent training will still provide a fantastic foundation for launching a career at another club.”

The 16 year old striker who is high rated across Europe will go straight into the Man United under 18 squad which is managed by Tommy Martin.

Nishan’s father Stefan Burkart was unhappy with his sons treatment from FC Zurich’s president Ancillo Canepa after the club stopped playing him in youth matches

He said:

“We have decided to leave the club in the summer. Nishan switches to Manchester United.

“This reaction by Mr Canepa has disappointed us. We would have liked a more dignified exit. It makes me feel as if he is offended. He could indeed be proud.

“He has not got many 16-year-olds with more than a dozen requests from top foreign clubs. He just has different ideas, such is business.

“It has affected my son. Now, however, he no longer suffers. He is looking forward to Man United.”