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Juan Mata would welcome the prospect of Zlatan Ibrahimovic joining him at Manchester United.

Paris St Germain striker Ibrahimovic’s current contract with the French outfit runs out this summer and the 34-year-old Sweden international has been linked with United.

Regarding such talk, Red Devils playmaker Mata told Sky Sports News: “I don’t know what he’s going to do.

“I don’t know if he will be finishing his contract or not with PSG at the end of the season and if he’s going to stay there or not. Maybe he tries a new chapter in his long career.

“He is probably the best in the history of Sweden if we talk about football and what he represents.”

Ibrahimovic is yet to play for an English club, but has won trophies with the likes of Ajax, Inter Milan and AC Milan, Barcelona and PSG.

“He was in so many countries and different leagues and he’s won trophies everywhere. That speaks about his quality as a player and his importance,” added Mata.

“He’s a very good player and I like to play with very good players.

“I don’t decide that, he decides that and the club decides that. But obviously I think every player would be happy to play with him.”