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McDowall: It will take five years to fix Rangers
Rangers caretaker boss Kenny McDowall has warned shareholder Dave King it will take at least five years to restore the club to its loftier heights.

Former Oldco director King is set to win the battle for control at Ibrox and has already ousted two board members chairman David Somers and director James Easdale.

The club’s EGM will inevitably see the balance of power shifted towards King but McDowall, whose side are 24 points behind leaders Hearts in the Scottish Championship, says a complete overhaul is needed at the club.

“The whole infrastructure’s got to be looked at. It’s been decimated over the past four years. This is a long-term project, it’s not going to be fixed overnight,” he said.

“That’s why it’s so important that whoever comes in gets it right whether it be a new coach or a new manager, it’s got to be the right appointment and it’s got to be done properly from the ground up to give us a proper chance.

“The fans understand that it can’t be fixed overnight. It will be at least five years before it’s anywhere near what it was.

“The whole football side has to be looked at. The scouting department, the youth academy. The staff is nothing like it used to be. These things have to be addressed.”