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New SFA performance director McClair to hold talks with clubs
New SFA Performance Director Brian McClair has revealed he plans to speak to clubs about the best way forward for Scottish football.

McClair, who starts his new role in June, is successor to Mark Wotte and he hopes to continue the groundwork started by the Dutch man.

The former Motherwell, Manchester United and Celtic striker was a “standout” candidate for the SFA and he believes he can make a difference.

“The biggest thing for me was when I asked people around me if I could make the difference and they said yes. What the difference will be will be clearer once I come in and have a look at everything,” he said at his unveiling at Hampden on Thursday.

“I think you have to look at all the things that have been put in place, review all that and decide where to take it forward from there.

“The clubs have to be a major part of that it’s about doing things together. There has to be a relationship, an agreement of what exactly we want.”

“Scottish football looks to be on the up which I’m delighted with and there has been a lot of good things happening with the national team under Gordon Strachan.

“My feeling is that I should go and speak to the clubs we should all try to push or pull in the same direction.

“Football is such a fantastic sport that you are never going to agree with everyone but if you can get a consensus that should work for the greater good.”