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Regan: Rangers need stability
SFA chief executive Stewart Regan says it is important that Rangers find stability in order for the club to move forward.

Shareholder Dave King hopes to oust what’s left of the current board after directors James Easdale and chairman David Somers resigned ahead of the club’s EGM on Friday.

Chief executive Derek Llambias and financial director Barry Leach remain in position but look set to be removed from their post as King, Paul Murray and John Gilligan take over.

The club’s nominated advisor WH Ireland also resigned meaning the shares of Rangers are suspended, while the club began the drawing down of the second £5 million tranche of Mike Ashley’s £10m loan.

Regan was loathed to comment on the current situation the club finds itself in, and whether or not King would pass the SFA’s fit and proper person’s test, but did believe stability was needed in order for Rangers to move forward.

“In the event there will be changes tomorrow it will be up to the club to make representations to the Scottish FA and we’ll deal with it as and when that happens,” Regan said.

“It is really difficult for me to comment on something which is part of the PLC process.

“For Rangers fans in particular for all of those who are watching at what’s gone on over the last three years I think it is important that there is stability and harmony.

“Whoever leads Rangers can then actually get on with doing that and get the club back into some kind of positive shape again.”