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The return of the ‘Old firm’

By April 8, 2016No Comments

Congratulations to Rangers for winning the championship. I welcome the addition of the Ibrox club to the Premiership next season.

Managers, players and fans up and down the country are all also looking forward to the return of Rangers to the top flight. Even SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster is licking his lips at the prospect of Glasgow’s big two locking horns once more.

It’s four games a season, it’s a stronger more competitive league and a more sellable asset to broadcasters and sponsors all across the globe.

What’s not to like?

Just ask the Police, the emergency services and parents up and down the country worrying about the safety of their family members as the madness and poison of the relationship between Rangers and Celtic returns.

On one side you have a set of fans who don’t even recognise the existence of this ‘new’ Rangers before 2012 and that is the first bit of agro that will resurface as this Scottish cup semi-final approaches.

Throw into the pot another set who have everyone’s name in a black book who ever said a thing against the club who bumped creditors for lots of money and you have another bit of fuel for the fire.

Bigotry, hatred, Accident and emergency and let’s not forget greed and self interest are just a few of the elements that will all come back into play in the forthcoming trailer on April 17th before the big movie next season.

It is one of the most famous derbies in the world, not for the technical ability of the players or the high standard of football on show. No, this has an attraction to a global audience because of the hatred built up over a century in the west of Scotland.

The return of Celtic v Rangers allows a group of unsavoury characters; rich, poor, intelligent and thick to use the game as a platform to peddle their bigotry and sing songs about apparent battles between protestants and catholics, that most know nothing about from history.

Make no mistake, if a law prohibits them from singing certain songs, they then hijack other ‘pop’ songs to try and get the message over in a more clandestine method to stick two fingers up at authority.

Throw into the melting pot the new ‘conspiracy’ theories from one side that everyone has it in for them including the SPFL and the SFA and it’s all set up for a battle royal next season in the race for the Premiership title.

Get ready also for Referees allegiance being called into question, media bias, written letters to Uefa claiming one side said this and one side said that and we are back where we started over four years ago.

In the four years of Rangers absence from the top flight, every club in Scotland did not fold and disappear, they cut their cloth accordingly and survived, even if a few had some cliff hanging moments, they survived.

St Johnstone, Inverness, Ross County, Kilmarnock, Aberdeen and Hearts have all won silverware and stopped Celtic winning everything in sight.

These clubs have also had a bigger say in the direction of Scottish football for the future, is that about to be challenged again when the big two get together to try and block any proposal that jeopardises their future income?

Will we also see Rangers and Celtic resume their quest to head down south or across Europe at a moments notice?

The fans will also demand money is spent and lots of it, forgetting about the past mistakes very quickly, if success is not delivered.

The phone-ins will gather pace with cries of ‘we should be buying this one and that one and paying them £30,000 a week because we are a big club.’

Yes, this is just a taster of what is about to return next season.

I have many ‘normal’ friends who are looking forward to the return of Rangers v Celtic. They are looking forward to the games, the goals and friendly banter.

They go home to their wives and their children, some, in what you would term mixed marriages and preach a message of understanding, acceptance and tolerance. One nation, many colours.

Yes, I am looking forward to Rangers return for footballing reasons. It’s not more important than life or death, it’s just a game.

In the words I have written, which paragraph and category do you fit into when the ‘old firm’ get back together?

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