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Bungling board

By March 3, 2016No Comments

Empty seats, dire football and a manager who no longer has the full backing of the supporters.

That is the Celtic situation right now but, it is no longer about Ronny Deila and his position as Celtic manager.

No, it is now about the most powerful man in Scottish football Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board.

The best run club in the country, bar none, are famed for seeking out new frontiers to make money. They are a well oiled machine that prides itself on efficiency, prudence and profit.

However, the rules they live by are now, for the first time in a long while, being ruthlessly exposed.

The Celtic board are bungling along and sticking by a horse declared lame months ago.

In my view, Mr Lawwell is now praying Ronny’s side can somehow limp over the line in front of an Aberdeen team coming up on the inside with a fraction of the resources and considered a rank outsider at the start of this apparent one horse race.

I am led to believe calls have been made by third parties to sound out short term replacements at Celtic until they get their new man in the summer, but by then the damage may already have been done.

If Celtic lose this league to Aberdeen it will go down as one of the most embarrassing capitulations in a long time. Ronny should have been gone long ago, but he’s been allowed to continue because the chief executive bleated out, ‘We don’t sack our managers, we back them.”

Utter nonsense!

You make business decisions, based on performance. If someone on the Celtic board had this many slip-ups and excuses, he’d have been replaced long ago by Dermot Desmond.

The fans are not bothering to turn up at matches, such is their apathy towards Deila’s team. The football on the pitch is pedestrian and predictable.

The set up behind the scenes is even more worrying as players subconsciously rebel against Ronny’s training and dietary plans.

If you don’t think players down tools for a manager, look no further than Stamford bridge. The Chelsea players had had enough of Mourinho. Mutiny was in the air and from the moment he left, Guus Hiddink has Chelsea suddenly dreaming of Europe again.

He’s taken charge of 15 games and only lost to Paris St Germain, if Celtic had taken the same action they could’ve been out of sight in this race.

I can’t see Celtic win the double, maybe not even a single.

If they do limp to victory, Ronny’s time is still up. He’s probably the nicest man you will ever meet but, his days of punching the air and roaring after a win over Hamilton Accies are almost over.

The board have made a mistake, it is time to hold your hands up Peter and get his replacement in as soon as possible.

If not, the fans will be calling for more than the manager’s head. There’s nothing like a fan deciding not to renew his season ticket to get a well oiled machine back running properly again.