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Celtic: Tierney flattered by Collins’ praise

By December 1, 2015No Comments
Celtic, Kieran Tierney

Celtic youngster Kieran Tierney admits he’s flattered by praise from assistant boss John Collins but says he’s only focused on improving his game.

Collins described the 18-year-old as a £5 million player in Thursday’s Europa League defeat to Ajax and said he was one of the positives to come out of the disappointment.

Tierney says while it’s nice to hear compliments like that his sole focus is on developing as a player.

“I don’t tend to think like that at all. I just try to stay quiet, keep my head down and keep working hard,” he said.

“It was obviously a great compliment. It doesn’t come around often.

“John was the same kind of player, left-footed and quite small, so he is a good person to look up to and a good person at training. He helps me a lot. So I’m happy he gave me it.

“I don’t tend to look at the papers all the time but sometimes it’s unavoidable, some people tell me. A lot of the positive feedback I’ve been getting is good for the confidence.”