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Feel-good factor back at Rangers, says Gough

By August 4, 2015No Comments

Former Rangers captain Richard Gough says there is a renewed sense of optimism at the club but has warned it won’t be a quick fix to get them challenging for honours.

The Light Blues are bidding to get themselves into the top flight of Scottish football after last season’s defeat to Motherwell in the play-offs and, after chairman Dave King seized power in March and the appointment of the new managerial team with Mark Warburton and assistant David Weir at the helm, Gough believes the club are moving in the right direction.

The supporters are also buying into the new Rangers with nearly 32,000 supporters signing up for season tickets and former centre-back says that underlines the feel-good factor coming back to the club.

“It’s been difficult over the last three years but there’s been a change in management. There was change in March, there’s a new structure in place and I think that is what has given the fans optimism about the future.

“There’s proper people who have the club’s best interests at heart let’s just say that and we’re starting to talk about what is happening on the football field now and not what is happening behind the scenes.

“I think Dave King has been fantastic. He’s been very quiet a lot of people have been asking, ‘where’s Dave’ he’s been working behind the scenes. He’s going to put a structure in place which will hopefully get us back to where we belong.”

Feel-good factor back at Rangers, says Gough PLZ Soccer

The Light Blues beat Hibernian 6-2 in the Petrofac Cup before a 3-0 League Cup victory over Peterhead and the ex-defender has been impressed with the start manager Warburton has made and expects another few signings to be made.

“There was a standing ovation for the team coming off at the end of the game I hadn’t heard that for three years. It’s going to be a slow process there’s been three years where the club has been taken apart so it won’t be a quick fix,” Gough continued.

“But it’s going in the right direction at the moment. We’re very optimistic about what’s been happening. That was my first look at the team live as a football man he has got a good back four in place and a good goalkeeper.

[Andy] Halliday for me looks a right good player, Waghorn up front looks a good player. He’s still trying to bring in three or four players into the group. I liked what he said about bringing people in that fit into the football club because that is very important in the dressing room in a football club to have a few experiences players in there that can help the younger ones.

“He’s not just going for big star names because i can remember that five weeks ago that everybody was clamouring for big star names, getting this, getting that. The people he’s signed I think he terms have “sell on values” and there is I look at the right back Tavernier he looks a good player from what I’ve seen.

“I haven’t see him defend yet but he looks a good player. He’s nice, sharp and quick and will light the crowd up if he can get three or four other players like that because he’s got great contracts down south as well he will go a long way to making the supporters very happy.

“But Mr Warburton will know as well there’s one thing you need to do at this club and that is win football games – it doesn’t matter how you do it but you have to win.”