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Fight for survival

By May 10, 2017No Comments

Martin Canning will not resort to “scaremongering” his Hamilton players as they battle for Ladbrokes Premiership survival.

With three fixtures remaining, Accies are in 10th place, above Motherwell by a goal difference of four ahead of their Lanarkshire derby at the SuperSeal stadium on Saturday.

The Hamilton boss has noted the rhetoric from other relegation-threatened clubs but insists on staying positive.

“Obviously there will be impacts but I am not going to be in there scaremongering players, and telling them this will happen and that will happen if this happens and that happens,” said Canning.

“The club runs itself properly, we live within our means and the club will continue to go on.

“But that (relegation) is not in anybody’s thoughts and I am not going to go in there and start telling them that the tea lady is going to get paid off if we don’t stay in the league – that won’t happen, for the record – but clubs do say that’s what happens.

“In reality we all know there is not the same money in the Championship as in the Premiership so we know stuff like that is going to happen but I don’t want to scaremonger players, I think we have to make sure we do our job because we want to get it done.”

Following the 2-1 defeat at bottom side Inverness at the weekend, which breathed some life into the Highlanders’ battle to avoid the drop, Canning will look for mental strength as much as talent among his squad before he picks a side to face Motherwell.

He said: “It is all about pressure. It is not about the quality of the teams it is about how you deal with the pressure of the game and that’s the bit we have to get right and we didn’t get that right on Saturday.

“I have said to the players about how many times do you look at a group – and I am not saying that about us – and you say, ‘ how did they go down, they are far too talented to go down?’ and at this stage of the season your talent alone won’t keep you up.

“Your talent has a part to play but it is your mentality that will keep you in the league.

“That’s when you look at some of these teams and say, ‘how did they stay above that other team or how did they go down and that other team managed to stay up?’

“It’s not because they have better players or are more talented, it’s because they have had the mental strength to keep themselves in the league. And that’s the bit we have to get right.”