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Fives things Leicester must learn

Leicester are heading into the unknown after becoming shock Barclays Premier League winners this week, a year after almost being relegated.

Performance coach Jeremy Lazarus has worked with several top-flight clubs and athletes to help them prepare mentally and also wrote the best-selling book Ahead of the Game.

Here, he tells Press Association Sport what the Foxes must learn to handle as defending champions next season.


“They are going to be playing against better players so they have to understand the possibility of going to Bayern Munich for example and getting beaten 4-0.

“They have to accept it and treat it as a learning curve and not let it knock their confidence. I’m not saying it will come but they have to be aware of it.

“If you look at the real high performers, they do it season in, season out. It’s important they set realistic goals for next season early.”


“People will have more time to look at their game plan and find ways around it.

“Their opponents probably couldn’t believe Leicester would do it, and now Leicester have, teams will be gunning for them.

“They are going to have to be even stronger to withstand that. They are champions, they are winners, and they are going to have to stand up and be counted with that.”


“At Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City they expect to be competing for trophies and they will tend to sign players who expect that.

“Those players, ‘Galacticos’ if you want, will already be thinking ‘I deserve to be here’ so they have a sense of identity as players.

“It’s important the Leicester players get their heads round what has happened because for some it will have changed their lives. They are going to be household names. They have to mentally adapt to who they are now.”


“These guys will have built up a real bond and, for example, some who did well this year find themselves out of the team – how are they going to cope with it?

“From what I can tell there’s no bad blood and the players on the bench were behind those on the pitch but is that still going to continue?

“It’s something Claudio Ranieri is going to have to manage. He has to up his game and his management skills really (have to) come to the fore.”


“If they sign someone from Real Madrid who plays in front of 100,000 to then 30,000 at Leicester they may find that a difficult adjustment.

“They have to find players who are adaptable and those they bring in have to be grafters, team players and (have) no egos.”

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