Gordon should stay

Former Scotland manager Craig Brown believes that not even Sir Alex Ferguson could turn this current Scotland side into a top team, so what chance does Gordon Strachan have?

Pressure has built on the current Scotland boss after a draw against Lithuania at the weekend and a 3-0 loss away to Slovakia on Tuesday night, however, Brown says that Strachan should not leave his post.

“I don’t think he should be sacked, I’m a Gordon Strachan fan. I do think he’s the man for the job at the moment. Look at the alternatives, they’re not sticking out like sore thumbs.

Who could get more out of them? The best manager on the planet is Sir Alex Ferguson, I worked with him.

He’s the best you can get; I wonder if Sir Alex could do better with that team”.

Despite Scotland’s poor start to the campaign, Brown gave a positive response when asked whether he thought Strachan’s side could beat England at Wembley.

“Yes, I firmly believe we can. I believe that for two reasons.

The guys will really be up for the fixture. They’ve been to difficult places, Gordon has taken most of that squad to Germany and Poland.

And England, I think, are wavering at the moment, they’re really struggling”.

Brown was the last Scotland manager to lead the national team to a major tournament, qualifying for Euro 96 and the 1998 World Cup during his time in charge. He believes that the real problem for Scotland is the quality of players Strachan has to choose from.

“I genuinely believe Gordon hasn’t got a really good squad of players; now that’s not his fault.

When you look at the squad and the clubs the players are playing for, they’re not playing at even European level. Now there’s a level between club football and international football, that’s European football, now how any of our international players are getting European experience at club level? We’d be lucky if there was even three of them.

Even the captain now, he had it at Manchester United, but Darren Fletcher’s West Brom are not in Europe.

Even the boy Paterson at Hearts has more European experience than some of these guys”.

The former Aberdeen and Motherwell manager says that a lack of facilities in Scotland, along with the changing attitude of youngsters, is to blame for the declining quality of the national pool.

“They’re not playing as they used to, you know, with a ball every night when they finish school.

Iceland are successful, and it’s an over-simplification. They have wonderful indoor facilities, years ago they had seven full-size indoor pitches up there, in a country of 330,000 people. We have three in Scotland now. One in Aberdeen, one in Glasgow and one at Motherwell in Ravenscraig.

A kid at night now will go onto his iPad, rather than go out into a cold environment”.

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