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Harry Kane on the Edge of Tomorrow but finds time to take call from Tom Cruise

By July 10, 2021No Comments

England captain Harry Kane will be hoping victory over Italy in the Euro 2020 final does not prove to be mission impossible after the Three Lions received a call of support from Tom Cruise on Friday night.

Kane will lead England into their first major final in 55 years at Wembley on Sunday looking to land their first European Championship title.

Gareth Southgate and his Few Good Men will be cheered on by the nation and have received a number of messages of support.

Harry Kane on the Edge of Tomorrow but finds time to take call from Tom Cruise PLZ Soccer
Tom Cruise (right) was among the fans at Wimbledon for the women’s final. (Ben Solomon/AELTC)

But in their quest to be the Top Guns in European football, Kane revealed the England squad also heard from Hollywood A-lister Cruise – who was also at Wimbledon on Saturday for the women’s final.

“Obviously we have had ex-players and people get in touch,” he told BBC Radio 5Live.

“We actually had Tom Cruise get in touch yesterday evening, you get everyone who loves football.

“The majority of people in the world love football, so it’s great to have all that support not just in England but across the world, so it’s been a great time for all of us, we’ve enjoyed every moment of it so we’re just looking forward to hopefully finishing the job.

“Yes, we were fortunate enough to have a watch one of his films so I think he was over here in the UK and he just dialled in and FaceTimed us just to wish us the best as a group so that was nice of him.

“I’m not sure if he will be there at the final or not but football is such a big part of the world and it’s nice to have that support from all different types of businesses I guess.”

Kane admits there will be pre-match jitters for the players given the size of the game but insists their collective big-game experiences can boost their cause.

“Obviously it is a final but it’s a game of football that we know if we get right, we will win so its just about staying focused and that’s down focused on our job and what we need to do but the most important thing is to be free,” he added.

Harry Kane on the Edge of Tomorrow but finds time to take call from Tom Cruise PLZ Soccer
Kane scored the winner for England in their Euro 2020 semi-final victory over Denmark. (Mike Egerton/PA)

“Free to play, free to enjoy it and I feel like that’s what we’re at our best.

“At this point, a lot of us have played Champions League finals, a lot of us have had Premier League runs, cup finals so whenever you keep playing on a bigger stage it definitely just becomes a bit more normal.

“I said before the knockout games that it feels that we have improved, we’ve grown since 2018 as well since that World Cup run.

“We’ve had more experience and I think we’ve shown that we’ve shown in ways that different ways to win, different ways of control the game, you’ve seen our results.

“The last few games have all been different, totally different games so tomorrow is no different it’ll be a very tough game against a great side but of course we have full belief in what we can do.”