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It saddened me to see Rangers troubles, admits Laudrup

By January 11, 2016No Comments
Rangers, Brian Laudrup

Rangers legend Brian Laudrup spoke of his sadness at seeing the club’s struggles over the past few years but believes their troubles are firmly behind them.

The Light Blues had to start again in the bottom rung of the SPFL ladder following a financial meltdown at Ibrox. It was incomparable to the days when Laudrup played in the 90s when Rangers dominated Scottish football.

And Laudrup admits seeing the club in the state it’s been in the past few seasons has hurt the former midfielder.

“If something like that happens to any club and you’ve played there it’s sad. I mean you leave your heart at every club but some clubs you leave a lot more than just a little bit. For me, it was very sad.

“If you’d asked me 10 years ago if this could happen to Rangers I would have said no chance. I think it will be tremendous when this club gets back to the top flight.”

Laudrup also refused to rule out returning to the club in the future and revealed he’d been asked by former chief executive Charles Green to join the club in an ambassadorial role.

Asked if he would consider returning to Rangers, he said:

“If I was asked.. I was actually asked a couple of seasons ago by Charles Green about an ambassador role.

“It was under very difficult circumstances I said at the time if I can be of any help I would love to do it.

“Then Charles Green left I think or disappeared I’m not sure what happened I never heard what happened. The right people from what I hear have taken over the club now. It will take time but hopefully they can get it right.”