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Jordan Tillson feels privileged to have the chance to leave the house and play

By January 15, 2021No Comments

Ross County midfielder Jordan Tillson feels privileged to be able to leave the house and continue playing.

And he is confident that County’s safety protocols will help Scottish football’s attempts to keep going amid a difficult period in the pandemic in Scotland.

County are the only Scottish Premiership club not to have recorded a positive Covid-19 case this season and Tillson is happy to keep going through the restrictions to do what he loves.

The former Exeter player moved to Dingwall a year ago and any differences in lifestyle he might have envisaged moving from south-west England to the Highlands have been dwarfed by the changes everyone has had to deal with.

But the 27-year-old feels fortunate to have his family with him and to be able to do the job he loves.

Scottish football below Championship level was suspended for three weeks on Monday but league bosses are hopeful that the season will be completed.

Ahead of Saturday’s visit of Aberdeen, Tillson said: “It’s a bad situation and it’s out of our hands but I know the club here have put in great effort to try and keep everyone safe and really been so stringent in all the testing and distancing procedures, so we are doing all we can.

“I feel for the other lads who have not got family. My family are up here, I’ve got my little girl and my partner is pregnant. So I am fortunate.

“We haven’t seen family for a long time but that’s part and parcel of any person who works away from home in this situation.

“We are lucky enough to get to come to work. Some people can’t.

“It’s great to have that routine and I feel privileged that I can do that every day. It’s nice to get out and be among people who want to progress their career.

“Everyone is under the spotlight at the moment and I have to say the club have given us really good guidelines of what we can and can’t do and how to go about things.

“Where we are in the Highlands is different to other areas of the country. There’s not quite the spread of the virus that there is everywhere else.”