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David Martindale confirmed Livingston are in the market for a new striker but he claimed the club’s budget is smaller than that when they were promoted back to the top fight in 2018.

Speaking off the back of a 5-0 rout away to Cove Rangers in the ViaPlay Cup, Martindale admits he’d like to make another addition to his squad before beginning the league campaign next weekend:

“The numbers are ok. I need a wee bit more quality in terms of squad depth. I need to move 2 or 3 on, I’ve been very vocal in saying that since about April last year.

“We need to bring one more in 100% and ideally I’d like to bring one more offensive player in.”

“I’m fairly happy where we are but I think we’re just a little bit short in terms of quality in the squad depth.

“Quantity’s ok but, as I said, a couple of those boys need to move on to go and play.

“If they don’t want to be playing B team football next year, for their own careers they probably need to move on.”

However the Livingston boss pointed out the challenges in recruiting new faces as he faced budgets cuts of ‘a couple of hundred thousand pounds’ and said it’s down to everyone at the club to raise funds:

“Our budget is lower than it was going into year one of the Premiership.

“Our budget today, is lower than it was going into the Premiership that first year.”

“We need investment into the football club. We all need to put our heads together and do something about it from the Chief Exec all the way down to myself.

“Can I help with the turnover in terms of on field success or player sales.”