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Losses won’t affect ability to strengthen, says Warburton

By November 5, 2015No Comments

Mark Warburton says Rangers financial losses won’t hinder his chances of strengthening the squad in January.

On Wednesday, Rangers posted losses of £7.5 million in their annual report for the year ending up to June 2015, and the accounts also showed a further £2.5m is required to keep the club afloat until the end of the season.

Rangers owner Dave King said in the annual report that they have “received undertakings from certain shareholders that will provide financial support”.

And the Ibrox boss Warburton says the financial results won’t be impact on his ability to bring in players and praised the board for their support they have given him and assistant David Weir since their appointment.

“All I know is that every player we’ve gone for since David and I arrived at the club we’ve secured, so we’ve been more than well supported by the board and the owner and there are no problems in that area as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

“If I had a problem I would say to the owner of the board but I’m more than happy. The communication has been fantastic. We talk daily in terms of where we are with the squad, what we are looking for, where we are weak and strong so I’ve got no problems.”

Warburton admitted that the annual report reinforced the importance of achieving promotion this season and is determined to show a statement of intent against Alloa this weekend after last week’s defeat to Hibernian.

“It’s important for us there are no grey areas. We have to be successful this season, we have to achieve our goals which are very clear and then we have to prepare for next season and keep going forward. We can’t stop moving forward.

“We’ve played 12, won 11 games we’re one point ahead of where Hearts were at this stage last season.

“It’s important that you learn from every game. We can’t say that and not act on it. Every day we have to be better. We’ve had a look at what we can improve upon and we’re determined to move forward from last week and hopefully send out a statement on Saturday.

“We have to be more clinical they know that at the top quality level of the game it’s about taking your chances but they are a great group there’s no doubt about their reaction.

“They were angry and frustrated last week but we’ve got to channel that in the right way.”

Warburton confirmed that Manchester City youngster George Glendon is training with the club but played down suggestions they were about to sign the midfielder.