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Martin Canning expects no issues as Hamilton change chairman

By December 19, 2018No Comments

Manager Martin Canning believes it will be business as usual at Hamilton after chairman Ronnie MacDonald stood down.

MacDonald returned for a second spell in the role a year ago after the Lanarkshire club were victims of cyber fraud which cost them close to £1million.

In a statement made on Tuesday night, the club revealed that former manager Allan Maitland, latterly director of youth development, is taking over as the new chairman.

“Ronnie stepped back as chairman previously but stepped back in when the club lost the money,” said Canning.

“He stabilised and led and that is Ronnie down to a tee, he is a great leader and he feels the club is stable enough that he can take that step back.

“His involvement in the club won’t change, he will still be at every game as he always had been.

“Ronnie has been brilliant with me since I took over, I have learned a lot and that will continue. He will pass it on to Allan who will do a great job.

“Both have been here for 15 years and Allan has done a great job as the youth director so it is great for Allan to step up and become chairman and I am looking forward to working with him as well.

“It shouldn’t make a difference in terms of the way we work.

“Allan has been here a long time as well and nothing should change in the way the club works going forward, I don’t anticipate that.

“I spoke to Ronnie, I spoke to Allan and I think things will continue as they were.

“Obviously it is a new working relationship with Allan. I have known him a long time, I get on really well with him so I don’t see any issues.”