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Moyes: I’d have turned around Man Utd with £250m

By March 15, 2016No Comments

By Peter Martin and Craig Turnbull

David Moyes believes if he had the backing that Louis van Gaal has been given he would have transformed the fortunes of Manchester United.

Van Gaal has burned through £250 million during his two-year stint at Old Trafford and yet there is very little evidence of progress during his reign.

Moyes: I'd have turned around Man Utd with £250m PLZ Soccer

United are on the verge of going out to Liverpool in Europe, whilst hopes of Champions League football next season hang in the balance as they sit outside of the Premier League’s top four in sixth place.

Van Gaal’s predecessor Moyes was just given 10 months into a six-year deal with the club before he was sacked and the Scotsman says he would have the club in much better shape had they stuck by him.

When asked about the money Van Gaal has had to spend, he told PLZ Soccer: “There’s part of me that does think I’d have loved to be given that opportunity.

“I could have done a job and turned it around and had the club pointing in the right direction.

“I believed I was the right person back then and I still believe that now. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.

“If I thought I was doing things wrong I would have made changes at the time.

“What you’ve got to remember is when you get a six-year contract you’re thinking about building for the future and things need to change.

“I’d taken over from Sir Alex Ferguson so you couldn’t go in there and have a revolution and change it. It had to be done gradually.

“So I felt the right thing to do was to be patient, take your time and go about the job because Manchester United stood for so many good things – they didn’t sack managers, they gave them every opportunity, they were a great club for encouraging young players and they were also a great club for mainly choosing British managers as well.

“In the end I got 10 months which was a real disappointment.”

Reports suggest that Van Gaal will be replaced by Jose Mourinho in the summer but despite the acrimonious nature of Moyes’ departure from Old Trafford, he insists he doesn’t want the same fate to befall Van Gaal.

“It’s a club which had a history of keeping a manager and supporting them when things got difficult,” he said.

“I wouldn’t like Manchester United to become a sacking club so I hope they don’t do anything with Louis van Gaal.”