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‘My car was attacked by Celtic fans’ – Bedoya

Former Rangers midfielder Alejandro Bedoya has revealed his car was “egged and toilet-papered” by Celtic fans during his time in Scotland.

Bedoya played for the Ibrox club in 2011 and experienced first hand the passion of the Old Firm though never got to play in the derbies.

He describes Glasgow as having a “crazy passion for soccer” in a city which feels “divided”.

The 29-year-old is now in France playing for Nantes and used playerstribune.com to reflect on his time abroad.

“The best insight for me into each country was the clubs I played for,” he said.

“In Sweden, both Örebro SK and Helsingborgs IF were the most open, friendliest and easygoing locker rooms to be in. The cities were quiet and very friendly.

“Then in 2011 I moved to Glasgow, Scotland, to play for Rangers, and it was almost like the other extreme.

“Glasgow is a blue-collar, industrial city of hard-working people with a crazy passion for soccer.

“I saw a whole other side of soccer and politics — Protestant versus Catholic. The city really feels divided into sides: That’s a Rangers side; that’s a Celtic side. And I became all too aware of it.

“One day my neighbour came over to my place and said, “Your car’s messed up.”

“I walked outside and got my own tiny sense of the Old Firm rivalry.

“My car had been egged and toilet-papered by Celtic fans. Apparently, that happens a lot. Luckily, the locker room at Ibrox is all about the banter, so you learn not to take things too seriously.”

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