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Non-English Brits unhappy to hear Three Lions roar

By July 7, 2018No Comments

While the spirits of England fans are at an all-time high, not everyone in Britain is happy with the Three Lions’ footballing success.

Victory over Sweden means England are in their first World Cup semi-final since 1990, but some Scottish, Welsh and Irish fans are not best pleased.

SNP MP Pete Wishart took to Twitter to say: “ABBA records flung out, hammer now taken to the Ikea furniture and the Elk’s for the barbecue. Other than that, I’m taking this well.”

Fellow Scot Jamie Ross, a journalist for the Daily Beast, was filmed watching the match with his hand shielding his face, not looking overjoyed by England’s fortune.

Sarah Manavis posted the video to Twitter with the caption “Dating a Scottish man during #ENGSWE”.

She told the Press Association: “I’m Greek-American so I’m not bothered about how England do, but needless to say Jamie is very unhappy.”

Where some non-English did show support on Twitter for Gareth Southgate’s team, it was often met with derision by others.

Twitter user @missmcdonald14 wrote: “Honestly folk who are Scottish and supporting England need their heads checked…”

Meanwhile @zaradavies15 put: “Still don’t understand why I’m seeing all my WELSH mates celebrating ENGLAND all over my snapchat? U ok??”

But it looks like the England manager himself has endeared some new fans to the team.

In Ireland, Today FM radio host Paul McLoone also felt a novel moment of support for England.

He tweeted: “Fair play to England. There, I said it. I feel better already.”

But Welshman Euan Ingram thinks England fans need a reality check due to the level of opposition the team have played so far, with their other victories over 90 minutes coming against Tunisia and Panama in the group stages.

He wrote: “Hey guys! Just a friendly reminder that the only good team England have played, Belgium, they lost to! Glad I could help out.”

Finally to Swedish fans, including the UK’s Swedish ambassador Torbjorn Sohlstrom, whose lack of resentment attracted likes in the tens of thousands.

He tweeted: “Congratulations England. You had the stronger team today, and a great goalkeeper. When I have digested the result, I will support Three Lions.”