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Norwich fan under investigation following alleged racist abuse of Palace players

By December 29, 2021No Comments

A fan is the subject of an investigation by Norwich after alleged racist comments were directed at Crystal Palace players during Tuesday’s 3-0 defeat at Selhurst Park.

The club have also reported online racist abuse aimed at some of their own players to Norfolk Police and have pledged to impose “the strongest possible sanctions against perpetrators of this behaviour”.

“Following our game at Crystal Palace, the club were disappointed to learn of both online racist comments directed at some of our players, as well as alleged in-stadia racist comments directed at opposing players by our supporters,” said a Norwich statement.

“Such behaviour is not welcome in following and supporting Norwich City.

“The club will continue to support those players affected, whilst demanding action from social media companies to ensure that users are held accountable for their unacceptable behaviour.

“The club have also reported the incident to Norfolk Police.

“An individual has also been identified and an investigation is ongoing following the alleged racist comments directed at Crystal Palace’s players.

“No player, whether our player or an opposition player, should be subject to this type of abuse.

“All at Norwich City will continue to do everything we can to eradicate all forms of unlawful discrimination from the game.

“Where identified, the club will support and impose the strongest possible sanctions against perpetrators of this behaviour.”