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Old Firm would freshen up Premier League, says Warburton

By October 1, 2015No Comments

Mark Warburton believes the introduction of Rangers and Celtic to the Premier League would help freshen up the product in the future to prevent it from becoming stale.

The Rangers boss’ comments come after Celtic majority shareholder Dermot Desmond suggested the idea of a British league forming in the next 10 years on Wednesday.

In 2009, Premier League chief Richard Scudamore dismissed the notion of the Old Firm ever being involved in the top flight of English football.

However, Warburton says it could happen someday because fans will eventually get bored of watching what’s on offer at present.

Speaking ahead of their clash against Falkirk this weekend, he said: “I am sure sooner or later, sometime in the future, not saying the near future, I am sure that will happen.

“I think the draw. What dominates down south right now is TV money, it is obviously different down south to north of the border.

“So therefore the product you are always trying to keep fresh and how do you keep a product fresh?

“I am sure you will get to the stage sooner or later where team X versus team Y hasn’t got the same appeal to the average fan in the street.

“Whereas, Man Utd versus Rangers, Celtic versus Arsenal etc, it is new it is fresh, there are global fanbases, it is another level of excitement.

“If you ask people down south they recognise the potential of clubs such as Celtic and Rangers.

“There is no doubt about that.

“But there are many hurdles still to come.”