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Rangers hit back after being fined by SFA over Willie Collum comments

By December 20, 2018No Comments

Rangers have been fined a total of £6,000 over their criticism of referee Willie Collum.

The club were found to have breached two Scottish Football Association disciplinary rules following a Hampden hearing. Another two charges were not proven and a fifth was withdrawn.

Rangers lodged a formal complaint against Collum and publicly criticised him after failing to overturn a second yellow card for Daniel Candeias following a victory over St Mirren last month.

Rangers received a £5,000 fine for criticising a match official in such a way as to indicate bias or incompetence, or make remarks which impinge on his character. The rest of the punishment was for not acting in the “best interests of association football”.

The other charges related to bringing the game into disrepute and sportsmanship and acting towards the SFA with good faith.

Rangers submitted an appeal against the yellow card after their win in Paisley on November 3 under one of the two premises allowed – that of mistaken identity – after Candeias appeared to do nothing untoward during a clash with Anton Ferdinand.

After losing their case, Rangers stated it “defied belief” that Collum had been handed one of the biggest matches in Scottish football that weekend – Aberdeen versus Hibernian – while Candeias was suspended.

An official statement added: “Furthermore, it is understood that a number of people within the Scottish FA are in no doubt Mr Collum’s judgement was flawed and Rangers shall also now be submitting a formal complaint about the performance of this referee.

“The manner in which he reacted to an incident involving our player made it obvious he did not give due consideration to his decision.

“This is by no means the first time errors of judgement have been made in matches involving this official and clearly there is an underlying issue which requires to be addressed.”

It later emerged that Candeias had been booked partly for “making gestures” towards the St Mirren defender seconds earlier after his side scored to make it 2-0.

Rangers confirmed soon after the written reasons for their appeal failure were published that they had issued a formal complaint against Collum.

After the result of the hearing was revealed the club stated they were happy with the outcome.

A statement read: “We are pleased that the majority of charges raised against the club have been dismissed.

“We remain convinced that the second yellow and red card issued to Daniel Candeias was mistaken and should have been rescinded.
“But it seems clear that for a red card issued after a second yellow to be rescinded in circumstances where an obvious refereeing error has occurred will require a change to the rule book.
“Rangers will be pressing for that change to be made and would hope that the Scottish FA would support this request.”