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‘Ref Collum should stick to wearing kilts’

By October 23, 2015No Comments

It seems that Scottish referee Willie Collum is not just upsetting Scottish football fans with his headmaster-style officiating and controversial decisions.

A former Turkish referee now turned TV pundit Erman Toroglu lambasted the official for his performance in the Champions League encounter between Galatasaray and Benfica.

Collum handed out eight yellow cards – four to Gala and four to Benfica – in the clash in the Ali Sami Yen. Toroglu didn’t accuse Collum of favouring either side only that his refereeing in general was poor.

“I have seen some bad refereeing performances in the Champions League but nothing compared to the Scotsman Collum,” he is quoted as saying by The Sun.

“He wasn’t anti-Galatasaray or anti-Benfica – he was just very bad. He doesn’t seem to understand refereeing. He should stick to wearing a kilt rather than a referee’s uniform.”

In the 15 games that Collum has officiated in this season he has handed out 56 yellow cards and four reds.

Last season he refereed 49 games and dished out 144 yellow cards and 17 red. Collum is in charge of Dumbarton v Falkirk this weekend in the Championship.