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Roughie’s View: One rule for Stokes, another for others

By December 3, 2015No Comments
Anthony Stokes, Celtic

Sunday’s Twitter outburst was just one of many things in a long list that’s been the problem for Anthony Stokes in his Celtic career.

The main thing I would point out though is that it’s different to the way Celtic handled the Kris Commons situation where he had that carry on in the Europa League match.

I don’t think what Stokes did was any worse than that.

As we know, when players are in the reckoning they don’t tend to get the suspensions, their misdemeanours get brushed over. Commons was brought back in and played on Saturday with no repercussions.

Stokes has got history though so it’s not just this incident which has been taken in isolation, but it’s a hard one to take for him and it looks as if it’s away to get him out of the club.

It’s different for Kris as they don’t want him to leave the club and you let him off with it.

Kris comes off the park has a go at the manager, then, goes into the dugout has another go at the assistant manager, and yet they go, ‘it’s great we’ve got a guy here who really wants to play for the club.’

The tweet that Stokes sent isn’t right but he’s doing the same thing.

He’s saying, ‘I’m fed up, I want to play but why take me away up there and not play me.’ So for me it’s the same kind of scenario but one they want and the other they don’t.

I think Stokes will go in January. I don’t think he did enough in England but there will be clubs there that will know what he can do and I’m sure if Celtic got a decent offer they would let him go.