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Roughie’s View: Reality check for Rangers

By September 23, 2015No Comments

Tuesday’s League Cup defeat to St Johnstone was a reality check for Rangers. They are a long way off.

The supporters have been getting carried away and I have to say to a certain extent the manager Mark Warburton as well after saying this year they could win a Cup.

These things happen when you’re on an 11-game unbeaten run you get over-confident in yourself.

But when you sit back and analyse the game they are way short of where they want to be and I think the bottom line is they are going to need every penny of that £30m of Dave King’s money – if it’s there.

As far as Rangers are concerned with the targets they have set they have a long way to go.

They are talking about challenging Celtic next year, about being in Europe and on last night’s evidence that is never going to happen with the present squad.

I thought the two centre-backs looked all over the place and short of pace. They are going to lose Oduwa and Zelalem unless they can do a deal. It was very evident last night that they couldn’t tackle a fish supper.

They’re good going forward but when you’ve got your back to the wall they are no good to you. They need players who can work that double shift.

They are only young boys, they’ll be coming into the Premiership against players with plenty of first-team experience and I think they would struggle.

Rangers are going to need some heavy investment in the squad. I agree with manager Warburton they need at least six players and that is just for starters.

Sometimes you forget who you are beating. Dumbarton and other teams are getting five taken off them but I think the players themselves realise they will fall short in the Premiership currently and last night was a wake-up call.