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Scotland: Mackay-Steven hopes Strachan will stay

By October 14, 2015No Comments

Gary Mackay-Steven is hopeful Scotland boss Gordon Strachan will stay in the job and is determined to force his way back into his team by playing well for Celtic.

Strachan has not confirmed whether he will stay on for another campaign after the Scots missed out on qualification for Euro 2016.

Mackay-Steven though says he has made enough progress that it would be disappointing if he left now.

Asked if he should stay, he said: “Definitely. I think it has shown in the campaign that although we didn’t qualify there have been giant strides made in the national team.

“We’re playing good football, we were close to qualifying, we’ve definitely taken a step in the right direction so I think a lot of that is down to Gordon Strachan. Hopefully he stays.

“He brings energy and an enthusiasm. I was lucky enough to be involved in a few squads and his training is great.

“He really gets everyone motivated and wanting to play for him. He’s a great man manager. I think he’s got the whole country rooting for him and the team.”

Firstly, though, Mackay-Steven is focusing on getting back in the Celtic team after being relegated to the substitutes’ bench in recent weeks.

“To get back in the Scotland squads is one of my aims but first and foremost I want to do well at Celtic. We’ve got a lot of big games coming up so that’s my priority.

“You don’t want to sit on the bench and I’m no different. I’ve been working hard in training and I’m definitely ready if I get the nod hopefully that comes sooner or later.”